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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023

Music Over MEC: Cross Operator Jam Session


Collaboration has been influential throughout history. We have created, solved, and reached new heights by coming together. In this session, we took music collaboration to the next level with 5G MEC and 5GFF's Edge Discovery Service (EDS) API across carrier networks. We showed you how we made this possible with Open Sesame and the 5GFF's EDS API over AWS Wavelength and how this could be applicable to your use case.

We jammed out to rock classics from the 50s to today and witnessed a world first as we brought together musicians around the world to showcase global MEC interoperability.

We also announced a whitepaper and ISV engagement program - see below for additional details!


Technical Architecture for 5GFF Music Festival

The finalized technical architecture was configured to minimize latency of the musicians for them to jam together in ‘real-time’.  Each musician was connected to the edge location and network that was the closest to their physical location: Toronto’s musician connecting to Rogers network edge location; New York’s musician connecting to Verizon network edge location; and London’s musician connecting to Vodafone network edge location. Each edge location then is interconnected with one another.

  1. SyncStage deployed on AWS infrastructure across Verizon, Rogers, & Vodafone.
  2. Each performance location within each country was connected to the closest edge location utilizing the 5GFF Edge Discovery Service API.  This architecture minimized the distance to the backbone network thus providing reduced latency, jitter, and enabled audio synchronization.
  3. Interoperability across multiple networks in multiple territories - enabling the connection of the 3 guitarists to perform together digitally across networks and countries.


5G MEC Acceleration Program (MAP): Apply here


The 5GFF MEC Acceleration Program is designed to expand and interconnect the global MEC ecosystem by partnering and engaging with developers whose applications leverage 5G. 

The 5GFF is inviting global ISVs who either currently use 5G MEC or have 5G MEC utilization in their roadmap to apply for this program and join the 5GFF in creating an interconnected edge computing ecosystem.


Building the 5G Future: Exploring Developer and Telecom Partnerships Whitepaper: Download here


5G Future Forum accelerating 5G and Edge Compute solutions around the world Press Release: Read here